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for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch  iOS 8.0 or later


This App is a tool that helps color blind person to know color name,
It displays color information in the center of camera screen panel.
You can know the color name at a glance by the Color Wheel Indicator and the Luminance Indicator.

The color information has not high accuracy,
because every camera has some differences and the exposure changes automatically.
So, please do not use this App for important decision,

1. Display format

1. Camera Screen Panel
Displays camera image.

2. Color Screen Panel
Displays a color in the center of Camera Screen Panel 1.

3. RGB Value
Displays the RGB value of the Color Screen Panel 2.
Figures are, from left to right, Red, Green and Blue.
Upper is hexadecimal (00 - FF).
Lower is decimal (0 - 255).

4. HSV Value
Displays the HSV value of the Color Screen Panel 2.
Figures are, from left to right, Hue (0 - 360deg.), Saturation (0 - 100%)
and Value (0 - 100%).

5. Color Name
Displays the color name of the Color Screen Panel 2.
Uses 10 color names
(Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, White, Gray and Black),
and puts Light or Dark on color name properly.

6. Color Wheel Indicator
Displays the HSV value 4 graphically.
The angle of the pointer A indicates Hue and color name.
The length of the pointer A,
changes in proportion to the Saturation and the Value,
indicates color depth and brightness.
7. Luminance Indicator
Displays the Luminance value of the Color Screen Panel 2 L(0 - 100),
and the pointer bar B points the value on the scale.


*achromatic color
When the color of Color Screen Panel 2 is an achromatic color (White, Gray or Black),
the length of the pointer A on the Color Wheel Indicator 6 will be very short or disappear.
In this case, it reads a near color name where the pointer bar B points on the Luminance Indicator 7.


2. Operating Movie
Click the following file link, to play the operating movie.


* Windows